Student Life


Rental Accommodation



Expect to pay between $175-400 a week for a room in a sharehouse, depending on how many people you share with and where you live.

Remember - rent payment in this type of arrangement usually does not include any bills such as water, electricity, gas and internet.


You will also need to pay a security deposit – called a bond – to the agent or landlord. They must lodge it with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA).

The agent or landlord cannot access the bond and you cannot use it for rent. If you cause any damage to the property while you are renting it, the landlord can request the RTBA to compensate them at the end of the lease.

Living With A Family (Homestay)

A homestay involves living with a family in their home. A homestay gives you a family support network who can help you ease into your new life in Australia.

When you stay with a family in a homestay, you will have your own furnished bedroom and most meals provided. You will also have internet and other utilities included.

You will not have to clean the home, but you will have to keep your room tidy. Your responsibilities and independence depend on the family you stay with. It’s also important to note that the homestay may be further away from campus than other types of accommodation.

A homestay costs between $250-$300 a week. The cost depends on facilities, location, and the number of meals the family provides.