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Melbourne Student Life

Melbourne is one of the top cities in the world for international students. The city is one of the top cities in the world due to its prestigious higher education institutions including universities and colleges. As Australia’s second largest city after Sydney, Melbourne has a student population of nearly 300,000. The city is popular with international students, who make up a third or more of the total student population. If you want to study abroad, or even if you are in Australia and looking for a city to study, Melbourne is a great destination.

Melbourne has been voted as one of the most liveable cities in the world on several occasions. Part of what makes it a student-friendly city is the diversity of life and culture it has. The city offers students a laid-back study environment while also offering a thriving city life; all in one.


ANCE is proud to be one of the many institutions in Melbourne offering a great student life experience for both local and international students.

ANCE makes student life easier

At ANCE, we always assist students in ways that ensure their lives are as convenient as possible. Help is always available in case you have any queries relating to life in our institute and within Melbourne.

We have arrangements in place to help students who might have a hard time adjusting to life in Melbourne. This is especially for international students. Besides, any student who needs advice on how to manoeuvre through various aspects of student-life can always receive helpful advice from our student services officers.

ANCE is privileged to be among the institutions that provide education and training in a city like Melbourne. We want to be one of the reasons why our students have a great life in Melbourne. By creating a wonderful and supportive learning environment, we assure our students of an unforgettable experience

ANCE is proud to be one of the numerous institutions in Melbourne that offer both local and international students a great student-life experience.

What can you expect as a student in Melbourne?

There are a lot of student activities in Melbourne. You must first try Australian rules football, the most popular local sport. You don’t have to be just a bystander; You can join a student soccer club and experience the sport first hand. Apart from football, you can join other sports clubs like rugby or surf clubs. Melbourne also has a lively nightlife that students can enjoy. You will never be short of exciting things to do in Melbourne when you want to get away from your studies for a while.


Take advantage of opportunities to explore Melbourne culture. You can attend theater performances, comedy shows, music and film festivals. If you love the great outdoors, then you’re in luck because Melbourne is known for its fantastic surroundings where you can experience the great outdoors in new and different ways, whether it’s visiting a winery, a historic township, great ocean walks and seeing the unique australian landscape. wildlife in its natural habitat. You should also explore Melbourne’s beautiful beaches, ideal for walks and picnics.


It is never enough to describe a city without mentioning the gastronomy. Melbourne is known for its many cafes where people meet and chat over delicious coffee. Rooftop cafes are very popular in the city, so be sure to try them out and you might just become a regular during your student life.


As a student in Melbourne, you should be on the lookout for student discounts like transportation and books. Students can travel using trams, trains, buses, and bicycles that are available for rent around the city. Keep an eye out for discount travel among these options.


Melbourne students, both local and international, have the opportunity to find work to cover their daily expenses. All you need to do is make sure you are working within all the legal requirements, especially for international students.

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