Professional development programs

for English teachers and other education professionals


Since 2007, in co-operation with the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), ANCE has been successfully delivering professional development courses to educators from several different countries.

  • ANCE study tours build cultural awareness, raise your English language skills and extend your teaching methodology and classroom management techniques.
  • ANCE offers a bespoke program of classroom instruction balanced with school visits and places of cultural significance.

Study Tour design

  • ANCE offers short courses flexibility from a few days up to 1 month. *
  • Program content can be tailored to suit your requirements, such as English for Special Purposes (ESP), changing approaches in pedagogy, development and implementation of education policy, vocational education and training, and more. *
  • Field trips to other educational institutions** and guided tours of places of interest in and around Melbourne can be included.

Classroom instruction

  • ANCE’s teachers are experienced nationally and internationally in adult and children’s education management, marketing, IT, vocational training, translation and interpreting.
  • English language training can be delivered to your education professionals at various levels of English proficiency.
  • Exposure to a range of English teaching and learning materials, demonstrations of teaching techniques and peer teaching practice are normal components.

Liaison with Government

  • ANCE works with the Victorian DEECD to arrange visits to schools, where senior members of staff conduct the study tour group and give insight into the educational philosophy and practice of the school.
  • We can also collaborate with DEECD in providing information sessions on the structure and purpose of all aspects of the education system in Australia. For groups of non-English speakers, ANCE can provide an interpreter.

Accommodation and recreation

  • ANCE can book home stays with families in Melbourne’s metropolitan area or in serviced apartments in the city centre.
  • From horseracing, motor-racing and sailing to leisure-time pursuits like forest walks, horse-riding, wineries and beaches.
  • Tour extensions to Canberra, Sydney or other parts of Australia can be incorporated into your professional development program.

To discuss your study tour requirements and obtain a quote:

* Note that visits to other schools, technical colleges, universities, etc, are not normally available during exam periods and school holidays. For example, most educational institutions in Australia are closed from before Christmas until the end of January.