Current ANCE students have direct access to relevant forms including suspension of studies request form, withdrawal from studies request form etc throughout our campus. New students are instructed regarding the use of these and other forms during their orientation. You can view or download ANCE student forms HERE.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment:

Conditions of your enrolment are included in your enrolment documentation. Information in this form is correct at time of publication, however, we reserve the right to alter courses, prices and terms and conditions without notice.

Course Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation

A student’s enrolment in a course can be postponed (deferred), temporarily stopped (suspended) or cancelled under the conditions below. Tuition fees are not transferable to other institutions or students under any circumstances.

You want to withdraw from a course:

If you want to withdraw from your course, either before it starts or during the course, you must first tell us in writing by email or by using the ANCE Withdrawal Application Form (available from the Academic Manager and Student Services or by email). ANCE can only respond to a course cancellation request after it has been received in writing. You can cancel your enrolment before completing your course if your fee payments are up to date.
Under Australian law, if you cancel your enrolment to move to another education provider, you must first have completed 6 months of study in your principal course. Also, the Australian Government requires that before transferring you must first get a Letter of Release from ANCE. Letters of Release will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Contact ANCE’s student services for a Letter of Release. Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis and the balance of fees is not refundable.

You want to suspend your studies:

ANCE does not allow you to suspend your studies unless in exceptional circumstances such as truly compassionate events or other compelling reasons. You must provide written evidence; for example, a certificate from a registered medical practitioner. Students should refer to the Suspension of Studies Request form.

Student suspension due to bad behaviour:

ANCE may suspend or cancel your enrolment for serious misbehaviour, failure to pay course fees, failure to maintain attendance and course progress. These are also breaches of the student visa conditions and are grounds for reporting you to DIBP. If ANCE suspends or cancels your enrolment, ANCE will give written notice to you explaining the reason for the suspension or cancelation. In these cases no refund will be given.
You have 20 working days to appeal the decision and you can access ANCE’s grievance and appeals policy and procedures HERE or with Student Services. Please note that student visas may be cancelled if studies are suspended.

Student suspension due to failure to pay fees:

If you cannot meet your financial obligations to ANCE throughout, your enrolment may be suspended from your course until you have paid the fees due. If you terminate or complete a course but have not paid all the fees for that course, you will not be issued a Statement of Attainment or Certificate until all fees have been paid in full.

Student attendance below 80%:

You must attend at least 80% of your classes or you will be breaching your student visa conditions. ANCE must report students with less than 80% attendance to DIBP and this could result in a visa cancellation.

ANCE course changes:

ANCE reserves the right to defer or cancel a course, or change start dates, curriculum or programs at any time. In the unlikely event that ANCE is unable to provide an agreed course in full, you will be offered a refund of the unexpended portion of all pre-paid tuition fees (see information on refunds below). Alternatively, you may be offered enrolment in an alternative course by ANCE at no extra cost. You have the right to choose if you would prefer a full refund of course fees or accept a place in another course. If you choose a placement in another course, you will need to sign a document to confirm your placement acceptance.

If you believe an ANCE decision incorrect or unfair you may contact and lodge an external appeal with:

Student visa holders only:

Overseas Student Ombudsman
1300 362 072 (free service)

All other visas:

Victoria Legal Aid
(03) 9269 0120

Course Quality and Continuity Assurance:

ANCE is an education provider registered on the Commonwealth Register of Courses and Institutions for Overseas Students (CRICOS). ANCE is subject to the requirements of the Australian Government Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and The National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2007 (The National Code 2007). These laws and regulations provide protection for overseas students and ensure the quality of educational services within Australian education institutes.

Protection for Foreign Students:

Foreign students are required to make themselves aware of the ESOS framework designed for prospective students.

Students’ consumer protection rights:

This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not limit the right of students to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

Students’ privacy rights:

ANCE is committed to protecting your privacy including all personal information and is bound by the Privacy Act 1988, the Information Privacy Act, 2000 and other legislation. The law requires us to take all reasonable steps to ensure that information we hold about our students is correct and current. We need information collected on this form and during enrolment to meet our obligations under the ESOS Act and the National Code 2007, and to ensure student compliance with the conditions of their visas and their obligations under Australian immigration laws generally, The authority to collect this information is outlined in the ESOS Act and regulations and the National Code 2007 including using the information to access the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) database which is provided by the Commonwealth of Australia, represented by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. This information can be provided, in certain circumstances, to the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if relevant, the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). In other instances, the information can be disclosed without your consent where authorised or required by law.

Student Obligations

Commencement Date:

You must commence on your agreed starting date. In exceptional unforeseen circumstances where you are unable to do so, you must contact ANCE to discuss. ANCE is required to notify all student non-commencements to DIBP, which may affect the student visa.

Change of student’s address:

By law, you must inform ANCE of your Australian address within 7 days of arrival in Australia. You must also tell ANCE of any changes of address during your study, in writing within 7 days. If you do not notify ANCE of your change of address your student visa may be cancelled. ANCE is obliged by law to inform DIBP of student addresses at all times.

You want a break from your studies:

Student visa holders may only take study breaks in accordance with their visa. Student visa holders with a 13-27 week enrolment are entitled to 4 weeks study break. Student visa holders with a 28+ week enrolment are entitled to 8 weeks study break. Approval is conditional on meeting the following requirements:
• You have no outstanding fees
• You have not less than 80% attendance
• Study breaks must be booked at least 7 days prior. If you do not request the study break with the Academic Manager and Student Services you will be marked absent.
• Each study break is no longer than maximum 4 weeks (if eligible)
• You can take a maximum of 4 weeks study break at the end of your enrolment period (if eligible). If you have more than 4 weeks of study break remaining at the end of your enrolment period, ANCE is obliged to notify DIBP that you have completed your course early, which may affect the student visa.
Working Holiday and Tourist visa holders have no attendance obligations and can take unrestricted breaks. They have no attendance obligations.
If you want a study break you must fill in a Suspension Request form available from the Academic Manager or Student Services HERE

Student belongings:

You agree to take care of your own belongings at all times and will not hold ANCE responsible for any loss, accident or mishap.

College excursions:

You agree to follow all lawful and reasonable instructions given by ANCE, its staff or its teachers while on ANCE premises or participating in excursions, field trips or extra-curricular activities. You will not hold ANCE or its staff and teachers responsible for any accident, injury, mishap or loss that occurs on any excursion, field trip or extra-curricular activity. You will not participate in any field trip, excursion or extra-curricular activity unless they have adequate insurance coverage. This may be arranged by ANCE on request through OHSC (Overseas Student Health Cover).

Course materials:

ANCE’s materials fees apply to any enrolment of 10 weeks or more. It includes one student handbook, one text book, photocopied homework materials, photocopied class material, exam papers and practice tests. On the first day you are given a text book or photocopy of the current unit/module under instruction. You MUST write in your book(s) in pencil. When you need another book – e.g. when you move up one language level – it is exchanged for a used or new book. NO book will be accepted with either pen or pencil marks inside. In the circumstance where there is pen in the text book the student will need to buy a new book.

English level tests:

Students onshore are tested free of charge at ANCE. Offshore Students can be sent the pre-test free of charge. If students do the pre-test outside ANCE and then arrive with a lower level of English than their test result, they will be placed in General English until their level of English is high enough to enter their chosen course. A refund will not be issued if on arrival the student’s English level is too low to enter their chosen course.

ANCE Refund Policy

ANCE will refund the student on the following terms, in full or part, tuition and related fees in Australian dollars only. Bank charges are deducted from refunds made by electronic transfer or bank draft. Processing will take no more than 4 weeks (2 weeks in case of a course cancellation by ANCE).

Tuition cancellation and refund policies

If your student visa application is rejected:

We must see the original letter from the Australian Embassy/Consulate rejecting the application: 100% of the unexpended portion of pre-paid course and material fees, accommodation, and OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) fees. No refund of the enrolment fee, accommodation placement fee, guardian arrangement and guardianship (police) check fee.

ANCE cancels a course:

100% of the unexpended portion of pre-paid course and material fees, accommodation and OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) fees. No refund of the enrolment fee.

You give more than 10 weeks notice to cancel your initial course before your initial course starts:

A$500 and 100% of OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) fees. No refund of the enrolment fee.

You give between 4 and 10 weeks to cancel your initial course before your initial course starts:

50% of pre-paid course and material fees and 100% of OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) fees. No refund of the enrolment fee.

You give less than 4 weeks notice to cancel your initial course before your initial course starts:

70% of pre-paid course and material fees and 100% of OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) fees. No refunds of the enrolment fee.

Cancellation on or after the initial course starts:

No refund if you breach your visa conditions resulting in your studies being cancelled.
If you cancel your course 2 weeks or less after your commencement date, a fee of A$500 applies along with a 70% charge of your course fees.
If you cancel your course more than 2 weeks after the commencement date, a charge of 100% of your course fees will apply.
Homestay accommodation and airport pick-up cancellation and refund policies Service Fees: Refund, Booking fee No refund

Airport transfer service:

2 working days’ notice must be given of any changes to details of inbound flights: If less than 2 working days’ notice is given for a change of flight details, then no refund.

Refunds due to ANCE changing course arrangements:

• ANCE cancels a course before its starting date: We will refund within 14 days fees paid to ANCE.
• ANCE defers a course start date and the new date is unacceptable to the student: We will refund within 14 days fees paid to ANCE as soon as we receive notice that the new date is unacceptable for you.
• ANCE cancels a course before its expected finish date: In the unlikely event that ANCE is unable to provide a course we will refund within 14 days the unexpended portion of pre-paid tuition fees.

Process for claiming a refund:

If you who want to cancel before you start your course and want to claim a refund you should tell ANCE in writing HERE You will be refunded as described above. If ANCE cancels a course all students enrolled will be notified. If you do not want to enrol in an alternative course at ANCE you will be refunded as above.

Homestay deposit:

If you cancel after the accommodation booking has been confirmed:

2-4 weeks’ notice Compensation payment equivalent to 1 week’s accommodation fee is payable to the accommodation provider.
1-2 weeks’ notice Compensation payment equivalent to 2 weeks’ accommodation fee is payable to the accommodation provider.

Under 1 week’s notice:

No refund

After you have commenced your stay:

No refund

If you want to change your Homestay after you have commenced your stay, you must repay the booking fee, give 2 weeks’ notice to the current Homestay provider and pay for a minimum of 4 weeks accommodation at the new Homestay.