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Diversity at ANCE












ANCE students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Although we are a small college, our current students are drawn from fourteen countries and speak eleven different first-languages. The English classes at ANCE are a great way of meeting people from different backgrounds in a friendly environment.


Our Polish scholarship recipient Rafal has returned to Poland. Read his thoughts about his time at ANCE…

Hello ANCE!

After a long trip I’m at home in Poland. It was a pleasure to study at ANCE in Australia. I met a lot of international students from almost every part of the world, what was a great opportunity to understand totally different cultures. Despite the cultural and religious difference, everyone can feel there naturally because the atmosphere is very pleasant. Also the teaching methods are very efficient and dynamic so I think everyone can improve their English skills very fast. Study at ANCE is not just learning foreign language. The teachers have large knowledge about the world around us so students can be more interested about lesson. Thanks to this I have been more engaged about the lessons so I could build my vocabulary and other skills very fast. It was an awesome 15 weeks. Thanks to all!!!



Sopida from Thailand

“ANCE gives me more the knowledge. Our teachers take care of us like a family. My classmates are awesome and I love them all. Thanks you ANCE for the unforgettable time”


Eric from Malaysia

My experience with ANCE is the best memories I have ever had. First, I met a lot of friends from different countries and great teachers. Although we have to study a lot, we really enjoy it. Sometimes we do role games and the lessons are funny. Teachers in ANCE I feel that they focused on the right content to help us improve or build our English skills. Besides learning in ANCE, we also have a practice English after class. Our teacher Beata always tell us to do that! I love ANCE!






Our Students.


Experiencing with ANCE is the most amazing on my trip in the life. I have worked hard with my teachers for a long time. By the way, I was educated by great teachers with huge range of their knowledges.

I remember the first time that I started studying at ANCE, I was afraid of my ability to understand English. That was the reason I was so shy in the class. However, teachers supported me to find different ways in order to improve myself. Until now, I am confident to face with the exams which I have never thought that I could be pleasure to get the high score.

Because of teachers in ANCE, I have achieved the aim in the life, that they helped me in study with interesting lessons at class and fascinating excursions.

Then again, I am thankful that I have experienced great time with teacher. They are my teachers as well as my best friends.

Thank you for your supports and being my great teachers. I hope you all will work out well in your lives and they will educate such good students.

–        Van (from Vietnam. ANCE General English 2014)